Earthquake Map

Recent Earthquakes from CERI at the University of Memphis.

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Recent Eqs Map Legend

The sizes of symbols scale with earthquake magnitude, and their color with either the age of the earthquake or its depth, as shown in the legend below, and selected in the panel to the right of the map.  Clicking on an earthquake symbol shows its basic details and a link to a page with more details about the individual earthquake. Probable surface explosions (usually due to quarrying or road building), while not routinely located and displayed on this map, are shown as stars.

Control Panel

Recent Eqs Map Panel

Using the tools in this panel you can control the earthquakes shown on the map. The minimum magnitude to plot is selected by the slider. The "Time" and "Depth" determines whether earthquake age or depth are used to color the symbol.

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Please follow the steps below:
  • 1) To begin, click the "Draw" button
  • 2) Click a point on the map, this will be the left side of the cross-section.
  • 3)Click a second point on the map, this will be the right side of the cross-section.
  • 4) Drag square on line to include events to plot.
    • 5) Select plot type and depth constraint if any.
    • 6) Click "Plot"
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Events on map

Mag Time (Central) (UTC) Depth (Km) (Miles)

Map boundaries

 The red polygon is the reporting region for  this map; the black polygons are the authoritative regions of CERI (the NM network for the New Madrid region and the SE network for the southeast region). Events submitted by CERI are rendered as cirlces; events submitted by another network (e.g. the USGS NEIC) are rendered as squares. Explosions, while not routinely posted, are always rendered as stars.  .

Cross Section

 Create a custom cross-section or depth-time plot. Click on "Custom Plot" to start.