Earthworm Release Notes V7.8

(June 24, 2015)

New Modules
Modifications/ Bug Fixes to Existing Modules


Binary only data_soruce module provided by Reftek for their new multiplexed low-latency RTP packets.
June 21, 2015

Provides a way to interact with the 'startstop' process using a console window.
This is useful on Windows installations with 'startstop' service installed.
October 28, 2014  Eric Thomas

Receives GPS data from an AMQP server.
November 20, 2014  Kevin Frechette


nll_mgr update to make it full hyp2000arc message compatible (addition of location code and shadow lines)
The full compatibility needs the Hyp2000arcCompatibilityMode keyword to be added in the .d file
If the keyword is not present or commented, the old code is executed (no location code and no shadow lines)
June 18, 2015 Jean-Marie Saurel

hyp2000 and hyp2000_mgr upgraded to hypoinverse 1.41 from Fred Klein - revised datum calculation for average station elevations.
See release notes from Fred here:
June 11, 2015 Paul Friberg

Modified to send TYPE_NOMAGNITUDE message into transport ring when event processed but magnitude
could not be computed; improved queue processing; updated version to "2.1.20 SNCL - 2015-05-26".
May 26, 2015  Eric Thomas

Corrected Hypo71 source to allow correct behaviour with gfortran.
This was broken since 7.7 when g77 was replaced by gfortran.
May 15, 2015  Jean-Marie Saurel

Modified to handle TYPE_NOMAGNITUDE message; updated version to "1.0.78 - 2015-05-12".
May 13, 2015  Eric Thomas

Switched usage of gettimeofday() to more portable slp_dtime() for MaxRate logic (v2.7).
May 1, 2015 Chad Trabant

Added check for configured 'DecimationRates' values less than 2; implemented Larry Baker's
fix from Trac #417; added version code 1.8.0 2015-04-30 and logging of version.
April 30, 2015  Eric Thomas

Fixed checking for blank lines and carriage returns (windows) in the trigger station file reading codes.
Before this fix, any blank lines on windows would cause the program to exit with a bogus message. Thanks to
Steve Shuff for reporting this one!
April 26, 2015 Paul Friberg

mega-module (eqproc, eqbuf, eqcoda, eqverify, eqprelim, eqassemble, eqverify_assemble, geqproc)
Improved via-pipe I/O and handling of stopped modules (especially under Windows); fixed 'eqbuf.c' bug
that could cause program crash if 'eqproc.c' stopped.
April 10, 2015  Eric Thomas

Modified to try to address Trac ticket #452 ("export_scnl doesn't exit"); updated version codes.
March 27, 2015  Eric Thomas

Improved and fixed issues with parameter handling; added support for any combination of parameters;
improved help text and other messages; updated version code to '2015-03-24 2.5.3'.
March 24, 2015  Eric Thomas
Fixed a flushing problem at startup. Program flushed ring, but really didn't. Two different transport calls
were being used and this caused problems: tport_getmsg() to flush, and tport_copyfrom() to get messages.
Paul Friberg May 27, 2014

Fixed issue with text for "Startstop's Bin Dir" item shown on 'status' display.
March 17, 2015  Eric Thomas

Modified to retry initial connection to server(s), up to 10 times; updated version
to '1.0.5 2015-03-17'.
March 17, 2015  Eric Thomas

Modified to support Windows build (under Earthworm) while still allowing stand-alone
Unix build (without Earthworm).
March 12, 2015  Eric Thomas

Fixed up 'makefile.nt'; builds and runs now under Windows.
March 10, 2015  Eric Thomas

added in IncludeSCNL and ExcludeSCNL to be explicit for TBUF2s, version now 1.0.3
also fixed a number of fprintf to stderr which should have been logit() calls.
March 5, 2015 Paul Friberg

Added 'StartstopPipeConsole'.
Fixed issue with lock-file being named ".lock" instead of "startstop_nt.d.lock" (Trac #429).
Modified to enter information for "Startstop's Params Dir" and "Startstop's Bin Dir" items
shown on 'status' display (Trac #76).
March 5, 2015  Eric Thomas

Fixed issue where 'Archive' parameter could not have backslashes under Windows (Trac #493).
March 4, 2015  Eric Thomas
Fixed to handle windows writing.
Stefan Lisowski and Chad Trabant  August 8, 2014

ringdup / tbuf2mseed
Applied fix from 'ew2ringserver' for "Byte swapping bug in ew2ringserver"; fixed memory
leaks (trac #501); updated version of 'libmseed' library in use; improved error/debug
logging; added 'FlushLatency' and 'Int32Encoding' configuration parameters.
February 26, 2015  Eric Thomas

Made it so that if DeadSta parameter is set to 0.0 or less, then the check is completely ignored. 
This was causing grief for some digitizers that had a high average count value (not close to zero).
February 17, 2015 Paul Friberg

Added UW2 format for output for US Bureau of Reclamation (Chris Woods code) for Linux/Mac OS X only.
January 20, 2015 Paul Friberg

Added the capability to accept connections from a range of IP senders via
a SenderNetMask optional setting. A perfect match is still the default if 
this option is not listed.
January 20, 2015 Paul Friberg

Can now handle Mw and also not use or display Md magnitudes.
August 13, 2014 Paul Friberg
Not showing Md values subsequently fixed on Jan 22, 2015 - it broke when we put in No Coda detection versus 0.0 

Added ML uncertainty to CSV file
August 27, 2014 Paul Friberg

Modified the postproc command (to run a script after waveforms are written to disk) to handle Windoze
Paul Friberg Sept 11, 2014

Fixed a string for date parsing that was too small. Caused blow up on Mac OS X Mavericks
Paul Friberg Sept 5, 2014

Following a weird performance problem at Caltech, we moved the logic for reporting of earthquakes
to the pipe inside the polling loop (heartbeats too). New version is 0.1.5 
Paul Friberg July 10, 2014 (with discussion from Lynn Dietz)

Cleaned up the witharrivals option so that pick_id's match properly, and SCNL in waveform linkage works.
Paul Friberg June 4, 2014

Stopped rollover of pickid's at 999999 and fixed flushing at startup problem, new version v1.0.5
Paul Friberg June 4, 2014

Mavericks Mac OS X bug fix found and fixed by Larry Baker of USGS
ALso version numbers echoed on command line now, and updated - Paul Friberg
Larry Baker May 12, 2014

Fixed many memory checks. Improved robustness, no change in behavior or performance of module. AVO initiated this.
Thanks to Larry Baker for suggestions and Tom Parker for testing.
Paul Friberg Feb 24, 2014

startstop (UNIX/Solaris)
New version now allows use of @filename in the startstop_unix.d to redirect to other files for lookup info.
NOT available in Windows version, yet.
Paul Friberg Feb 26, 2014

This would segfault and crash when too many phases were converted. There was no 
check on the MAX_NOR_PHASES when adding phases; there is now. I also increased
the MAX_NOR_PHASES to 1000 and cleaned up a couple of compile time warnings.
New Version: seisan_report 0.0.8 2014.01.11
Paul Friberg Jan 11, 2014
Modfied again on Feb 26, 2014 to compensate for incorrect IAML amplitudes in S files
from localmag, put in a 100 * multiplier

Instead of unlinking phases, now mark them as dup, but do not use in location. 
This only applies for stations where multiple channels could be picked for S or P.
1.0.19 2013.09.24
Paul Friberg September 24, 2013
Modified again on Feb 26, 2014 to fix a problem with logging of stack_horizontals feature

Added ability to recognize S phases! and added a version number.
Version 0.0.2 is the starting of this new incarnation.
Paul Friberg Oct 7, 2013

Added in new historical playback mode option: PlaybackMode 1
Paul Friberg Sept 23, 2013

Bug fix for non-native data types:
Chad Trabant Sept 21, 2013

The logit initialization didn't took into account the MaxMsgSize value
from the config file.
It was hardcoded to 512, leading to error and reboots of the module.
Jean-Marie Saurel Jan 10, 2014

Check timeouts between .d and .desc, see trac #484
Philip Crotwell July 25, 2014