Earthworm Release Notes V7.6

(November 2, 2012)

New Modules
Modifications/ Bug Fixes to Existing Modules
Changes To Configuration Files And Descriptor Files
Library Changes


An awesome new HTML report generator for producing catalogs from a directory
of arc files (saving TYPE_HYP2000ARC messages to a directory using ew2file)
and optionally a dir of TYPE_MAGNITUDE messages (also produced using ew2file).
The program has both a standalone mode and the ability to run periodically
and produce timed reports. 
Ruben Luis October 26, 2012

coda_aav, coda_dur
 These Lynn Dietz modules were moved from the Menlo Contrib svn into Earthworm proper
 coda_aav: This program produces 2s coda avg absolute values (aav).     
         The program was decoupled from pick_ew so that picks and     
         coda can potentially be produced from differently-processed  
         waveform streams of a given SCNL
 coda_dur: This program reads picks and coda avg absolute values (aav)  
         and then determines the coda duration for each pick.         
         The program was decoupled from pick_ew so that picks and    
         coda can potentially be produced from differently-processed  
         waveform streams of a given SCNL.
Added to SVN by Stefan Lisowski 2012-10-25

displays the content of the messages read from multiple rings simultaneously.
It prints the logo, sequence # and length of the message, followed by the
message itself (except for binary waveform messages) to the screen.
It is based on new EW "Specific Semaphore" functions defined in sema_ew.c
Matteo Quintiliani 2012-09-19

Mm, Theta, Ms
These three new global magnitude modules were recently separated from their windows specific GUI I ported them to UNIX for everyone's use. Enjoy, but the unix versions are still
under test.
Paul Friberg 2012-09-10

Mole is an open near real-time database-centric Earthworm subsystem
It is made up of a MySQL database schema (moledb), an Earthworm module
(ew2moledb), and a PHP web interface (moleface).
Matteo Quintiliani and Stefano Pintore July 27, 2012

pick_wcatwc and loc_wcatwc 
These are brought over from Windows to compile on a UNIX box. I have compiled and
tested these on MAC OS X 10.5,  and now on Linux and Solaris as well
Paul Friberg 2012-07-10
On Sept 11, 2012 I upgraded the loc_wcatwc to match the Theta output from the Theta program
this is sync'ed with EarlyBird svn release r986. I only had to modify the loc_wcatwc.c and .d
Paul Friberg 2012-09-11

 This module tries to associate and merge several hyp2000 messages for a single event
 in order to produce a single hyp2000 message.
 This is a preliminary version with simple test only based on origin time.
Jean-Marie SAUREL 09/28/2011

 This module takes data from a specified ring from two sensors
 assumed to be placed on different floors of a building.  By computing the
 relative drop in shear wave velocity between subsequent time windows,
 an alarm message is posted to a specified ring when that drop is large enough.
Scott Hunter 11/08/2011

PickStatistics - in display
 This module by Ruben Luis displays pick statistics of binder_ew files and is useful
 for detecting errant pick settings.
Added to SVN by Paul Friberg Jan 8, 2012

 This is a new Earthworm picker module developed by Anthony Lomax and Claudio Satriano
 and is a filter based picker. It reportedly (see SRL article) does much better than
 pick_ew and is definitely easier to configure with only 4 settings! It does not do
 codas though, and for that Lynn Dietz's coda_aav and coda_dur modules.
Added to SVN by Paul Friberg Dec 2011

 This module is a port of a VB module to monitor RSAM messages, detect events at
 specified stations (logging & posting messages about said events), and posting an
 alarm message when enough stations in a network report events concurrently.
Added to SVN by Scott Hunter 04/04/2012

 This module was part of the Contrib/Menlo section and was written by Jim Luetgert of the USGS
Added to SVN by Paul Friberg 


export_actv and derivatives
Wes Thelen and Pete Lombard uncovered a bug that showed MOD and RING names could only be 20 chars
for just this application. Fixed in SVN and also added versioning and checks to see that the
length of these tokens are smaller than allowed by getutil, which is 32 char.
Paul Friberg October 19, 2012

Many new features added to ewhtmlemail in recent days that improve the google charts, allow
ML magnitudes to be seen and integrated, KML generation etc. Check it out. Read the .d
file carefully
Paul Friberg & Ruben Luis, October 19 2012

A new optional capability to have PRT files named and sent to a directory: SeparatePRTdir 
Paul Friberg October 7, 2012

Modified ew2mseed to write data in big-endian format accroding to IRIS recommendations for all types of procesors
Linux version of ew2mseed has been extensively tested at IRIS DMC
Ilya Dricker September 22, 2012

Updated nmxptool to the version 2.1.0
Main feature added is the capability to specify the Location Code
within the channel pattern declaration.
Matteo Quintiliani July 22, 2012

Added in the option to specify the delay time between pick releases:
Usage: putpick   
Paul Friberg July 10, 2012

binder_ew v1.0.6
Significant changes to binder to improve multi-component station picks (trying to
eliminate use of pkfilter) by adding logic to the stacking and association phase
of the process.
Paul Friberg July 10, 2012

Was very annoyed by the constant warnings about gaps and overlaps that I knew about
so added a Quiet parameter to stop these from coming to stderr (still logged).
Paul Friberg July 6, 2012

In order to create ew2mseed_nl (see below), I added util/ws_clientII_no_location.c
there. It can be used as a drop-off replacement for standard ws_clientII.c if you want
to create no-location version of your program (see ew2mseed module as an example)
Ilya Dricker, June 20, 2012

To my surprise there exist many pew-SNCL (EW version 6 or below) installations of EW
in this world. In order to be able to connect to there conservative wave_serverV, we
added ew2mseed_nl target to corresponding makefiles of ew2mseed. Now we build ew2mseed
and ew2mseed_nl together. Some logging improvement is also done in a source code of 
ew2mseed. Also, I removed wsSniffer program from ew2mseed makefile: this program was never
properly completed (let me know if you want it back). Finally, I made sure that ew2mseed
links with qlib2_nl (no-leap-second) version of miniseed library.
Ilya Dricker, June 20, 2012

 Allowed tracebuf2 splitting for C2 compression, was segfaulting the code 1.7.1
 Fixed the endtime check on tracebuf2's for single packets 1.7.2
Paul Friberg, June 12, 2012

 Magnitude quality estimator. Added parameter MLQpar1. Ticket #200 .
Matteo Quintiliani, Franco Mele April 19, 2012
 Added in ResponseInMeters flag to allow SAC responses from rdseed -pf to be used as is. This
 is actually a change to this libsrc/util/transfer.c code.
Paul Friberg, July 19, 2012

trig2disk (and util/sacputaway.c)
 Fixed bugs saving SAC trace files. Ticket #192 .
Stefano Pintore, Matteo Quintiliani April 19, 2012

ewspectra, ewnotify, activated_scripts
 All three of these modules were upgraded to set default heart beat intervals of 30 seconds
and allow HeartbeatInt to be set as an option in the configuration file. This was a slight
oversight on the initial development :)
Updated by Paul Friberg March 16, 2012

hypoinverse 1.36
 Upgrade to allow deeper boreholes than -999m in the stations file. This is important now
that station elevation can be used with the CRE velocity model specification.
From Fred Klein, installed and tested by Paul Friberg March 13, 2012
hypoinverse 1.38
 Upgrade for international dateline crossing handling for AVO
From Fred Klein, installed and tested by Paul Friberg and AVO crew Aug 30, 2012

 This was a bug fix in the summary line printing for small negative depths. New version
tested with hypoinverse 1.36 released by Fred Klein March 12, 2012
Paul Friberg March 13, 2012
 Updated to use hypoinverse 1.38 and unified quality algo in read_arc.c
Paul Friberg August 30, 2012

 now getmenu accepts from command line, more than one waveserver address and port.
 Usage: getmenu server:port [ server:port [ server:port ] ... ]
 Closed ticket #194 .
Matteo Quintiliani 02/15/2012

 added the parameter checkInterval. Closed ticket #191 .
Matteo Quintiliani 01/27/ 2012

 modified the gm_util.c to allow arbitrary horizontal SEED chars like 2 and 3 for horizontal
 component (it was restricted to N and E chars).
 also fixed location code printing in STRONG MOTION message sent to EW ring
 Added in allowDuplicates flag to .d to allow many location codes at a given SCN! Before only the first loc in the menu was taken.
 The version is now 0.2.4.
Paul Friberg February 6, 2012
 Added in ResponseInMeters flag to allow SAC responses from rdseed -pf to be used as is. This
 is actually a change to this libsrc/util/transfer.c code. Same as localmag.
 The version as of this one is 0.2.6
Paul Friberg, July 19, 2012

 On some linux systems the Interactive() thread spun out of control because the
 return of fgets() was not being checked and it was not returning an error either.
 This caused some EW systems (on a Fedora 15 box for instance) to spin out of control
 because the interactive input thread was spinning endlessly sucking up CPU and writing
 to stdout the status prompt message. Fixed in version starstop 7.6a 
Paul Friberg January 17, 2012

    Fixed tickets #174 , #176 , #177 , #179 .
      - 174 Bug in localmag handling parameter saveTrace.
      - 179 Localmag: parameter saveTrace allows to define a structure of
      - 176 A station filter for localmag.
            Added parameters SkipStationsNotInArc and MinWeightPercent.
      - 177 Localmag: look at the specific version of an event-id
            Added parameter LookAtVersion.
Matteo Quintiliani 09/27/2011

     closed ticket #183 - added new option saveSCNL to allow location code
	to be saved in channel mags of TYPE_MAGNITUDE message
Paul Friberg 10/21/2011

	added checking for length of descriptor file to avoid segmentation violations
	or stack smashing as it is now called in gnu world
Paul Friberg 10/20/2011

	added a new command, ThreshVotes, to generate a triglist message when enough
alarms within a specified timeframe have occurred (backdated by a specified time);
the SCNLs to be included are listed in the command
Scott Hunter 12/22/2011

	added new optional functionality to release preliminary event message 
	when a the network trigger is set to ON
Ruben Luis 10/01/2012

	removed call to tport_putflag, which was (supposedly) being used to terminate a
	thread when the module was exiting, but (with recent changes to startstop) 
	caused earthworm to shut down entirely.  (Thread will terminate as the module
Scott Hunter 4/4/2012

/* paulf - added version reporting 2012.02.21 along with no_P_on_Horiz boolean */
/* paulf - v1.0.2 added ChannelNumberMap for no_P_on_Horiz option */
/* paulf - v1.0.3 added no_P and no_S options to scavenge portion of phase binding */
/* paulf - v1.0.4 - added stack_horizontals to allow inclusion of horizontals in stacking, new default is to ignore HORIZONTAL comps */
#define BINDER_VERSION "1.0.4 2012.06.02"
See above comments per version change - Paul Friberg

	Added 2 new config commands: ReadTRACEBUF2 and WriteTRACEBUF2, to read/WriteTRACEBUF2
	TRACEBUF2 messages.  When writing TRACEBUF2 messages, the period indicator is moved to
	the Location field.  When reading TRACEBUF messages and writing TRACEBUF2 messages, 
	the channel field is truncated to fit.
Scott Hunter 4/4/2012

	Added a new command, QueueSize, to override the default queue size of 500 messages.
Scott Hunter 8/23/2012

	Now recognizes the ThreshVotes command
Scott Hunter 12/22/2011

        Added the following functions:
	CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), DestroySpecificSemaphore_ew(),
        PostSpecificSemaphore_ew(), WaitSpecificSemaphore_ew().
	Since Mac OS X does not support unnamed semaphores, declared
	CreateSpecificNamedSemaphore_ew() and DestroySpecificNamedSemaphore_ew(),
	in place of the unnamed ones.
Matteo Quintiliani 09/19/2012