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June 26, 2015

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Note: Errors may occurr with tar; please use gtar to unpack tar balls.


source tar.gz


Centos 6.6 64-bit

Centos 7.1 64-bit

MacOSX Intel

Solaris Intel

Solaris Sparc

Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit

Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit

Microsoft Windows

Note: Errors may occurr with tar; please use gtar to unpack tar balls.

Test Sets

Memphis Test Set tar.gz

Memphis Test Set zip

Memphis Test Seed seed volume

The Documentation Source is obsolete Current documentation may be found at Earthworm Central.

Note also the plethora of Linux flavors prevent us from providing binaries for all of them--or even most of them. So there's only Centos and Ubuntu. If you need something else, please get the source and compile.

earthworm_global.d as of 20160917. Please do not make changes to earthworm_global.d. Contact Mitch Withers (mwithers at memphis dot edu) if you need an Installation ID. Note that INST_UNKNOWN may be used for testing but should be avoided if data are exchanged with other installations.


These programs are contributed by various people and institutions. They are distributed AS IS. Authors may or may not be interested in comments, suggestions, and improvements.

Contributed zip

Online Documentation

This Documentation is obsolete. Current documentation may be found at Earthworm Central.

Winston Documentation

This Winston Web Documentation is here for convenience but may be obsolete. Please check with the Authors or Earthworm Central for the most recent version.

Old Downloads

Version 7.7.1 download

Version 7.6 download

Version 7.5 download

Version 7.4 download

Version 7.3 download

Version 7.2 download

Version 7.1 download

Version 7.0 download

Version 6.3 download

Version 6.2 download (last release with tested interactive, aka quick review).

Release Notes

In 2005, ISTI took on the lead roll in software development and user support of Earthworm.

EARTHWORM development team was formerly headed by Alex Bittenbinder and coordinated by Barbara Bogaert; both with the U.S. Geological Survey.     Advice and assistance with EARTHWORM development is provided by members of the the Earthworm Community.

Questions? Issues? See the Earthworm Users Forum.