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December 31, 2007


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Documentation Source (tar.gz)

Solaris Sparc Binary (tar.gz)

Solaris Intel Binary (tar.gz)

Linux Binary (tar.gz)

Windows Binary (zip)

MacOSX Intel Binary (tar.gz)

MacOSX PowerPC Binary (tar.gz)

Source code (zip)

Source Code (tar.gz)

Note: Errors may occurr with tar; please use gtar to unpack tar balls.

Warning for Linux and Mac OSX: g77 issues prevent compiling hyp2000 and hyp2000_mgr for Linux and and OSX.

earthworm_global.d as of 20071231. Please do not make changes to earthworm_global.d. Contact Mitch Withers if you need an Installation ID. Note that INST_UNKNOWN may be used for testing but should be avoided if data are exchanged with other installations.

Post 7.1 modified modules (thanks to Lynn Dietz, Ali Moeinvarizi, and Alexandre Nercessian for finding the bugs and solutions to them and of course to Paul and Stefan for fixing the source, releasing the binaries, and finding other bugs and solutions).





wave_serverV.exe (wintel binary)

wave_serverV (sun/solaris binary)

q3302ew.exe (wintel binary)

q3302ew.solaris (sun/solaris binary)

q3302ew.linux (linux binary)

import_gen_pasv.exe (wintel binary)

import_gen_pasv.linux (linux binary)

scream2ew.linux (linux binary)

tankcut.solaris (solaris binary) Slice out a data snippet from a tnk file.

tanksniff.solaris (solaris binary) A sniffwave view of a tnk file.


These programs are contributed by various people and institutions. They are distributed AS IS. Authors may or may not be interested in comments, suggestions, and improvements.

Source Code and some binaries (tar.gz).

Source Code and some binaries (zip).

Table of Contents for the Contrib file.

Table of contributed modules with brief explanation for many.

Online Documentation

Version 7.0 download

Version 6.3 download

Version 6.2 download (last release with tested interactive, aka quick review).

Release Notes

EARTHWORM development team is headed by Alex Bittenbinder and coordinated by Barbara Bogaert; both with the U.S. Geological Survey.     Advice and assistance with EARTHWORM development is provided by members of the the Earthworm Community.

In 2005, ISTI and CERI (University of Memphis) have taken on lead rolls in software development and user support of Earthworm.

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, USA
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