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A small earthquake occurred on Sat Aug 3, 2019 at about 12:37:11 CDT (Aug 3, 2019 17:37:11 UTC) 2.04 km west of Blytheville, AR. The magnitude was 2.3.

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    Origin Time: 2019/08/03 17:37:11.4700
      Magnitude: 2.3
     Hypocenter: 35.93050 deg latitude -89.92750 deg longitude 
          Depth: 13.910 km
   Number Picks: 35
     Number Sta: 017
Closest Station: 9.00 km
            RMS: 0.09 sec
            Gap: 79.00 deg
            seh: 0.26 km
            sez: 0.43 km
        magtype: d
        Quality: 1.00
           evid: 60086728

For more information about this earthquake, see the entry in the ANSS Comprehensive Catalog.

This is a preliminary location and magnitude determined by CERI using data provided by the Advanced National Seismic System and cooperating partners. The magnitude and location may change slightly as more data become available.